spanglesandsass asked: Your gifs are AMAZING, thank you for making them. =D

well shucks. thank you for viewing them.

Anonymous asked: What is the Source of the Batman in The September 2013 group?

haha, that was taken from a Zeller’s commercial. Here’s a link to the ad.  There are more of them featuring different villains, though from what I remember they’re pretty similar.


Happy Halloween, Part II-Watercolor Animation GIF by Will KimLet’s not lose our eye like that kid does in ETA Hoffmann’s ‘The Sandman’ on this Halloween!©Will Kim “Beautiful Eyes”

Now I don’t like to do promotions on this blog (sorry, it’s really nothing personal), buuuutt I just had to give a shout-out for this guy’s work.
Will is a fellow gif…giffer? gifist? gifsmith? gifkateer? …person who makes gifs, which he creates with his own watercolor pieces. They are lovely. Ch-ch-check it out.